Tonight: Getting Back to Basics: Social Media and Public Relations Planning


Getting Back to Basics: Measurable Objectives in Social Media and Public Relations w/ Ken Jacobs

Science Leadership Academy
55 N. 22nd St


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Why social media and PR this month? Because in today’s world, nearly every “public” with whom you’re trying to build a relationship is online!

In the current economic environment all of us—whether business owners, freelancers, or those who execute communications for non-profits, government agencies, or corporations—need to be on defense when it comes to our work.

The best protection against the budget cutter’s sword is a rock-solid plan—one with measurable objectives, strategies that overcome roadblocks and tactics that ultimately help achieve marketing goals.

So let’s get back to the basics of planning and discuss some best practices!

Ken Jacobs of Jacobs Communications Consulting, a PR consulting, training and coaching company, will present and facilitate a discussion on the basics of plan writing. You’ll learn, among other topics, how to:

  • Create objectives that are objectives; neither strategies nor tactics
  • Make sure your objectives are measurable
  • Understand the Three Kinds of Objectives: Output, Outtake, and Outcome

The Philly Social Media Club has partnered with the local PRSA (Public Relation Society of America) chapter and its new social media committee. Please welcome them to the Social Media Club!

See you tonight!


The Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism
Originally uploaded by b_d_solis.

I was just chatting back and forth with Vincent Hunt of Surface Burn about the “art” of conversation in Social Media. As Social Media Evangelists, we’re continually seeking new ways to use new media for Marketing, PR, and Networking purposes. It seems there is a new social web tool being unveiled everyday. This visual to the right, The Conversation Prism, will give you an indication of how many we already have!

Do you think there are TOO many Social Media and Social Networking sites and tools?