Blogging for Business by Geoff Livingston

I attended the “Blogging for Business” session presented by Geoff Livingston of The Buzz Bin on Sunday at PodCamp Philly.  If you don’t know who Geoff is, allow me to implore you to get yourself acquainted with him stat!  I don’t have his book, Now Is Gone, but it’s certainly on my list to get.  He knows New Media for Business inside and out.

Here are some of the session highlights:

Problems With A Business Blog

  • Corporate entity (not a person)
  • Lacks authenticity in messaging/is over messaged
  • Legal issues
  • Afraid of negative feedback
  • Not community-oriented
  • Does not achieve sales/marketing objectives

Value Proposition And Your Business Blog

Business blogs, as a rule, need to communicate the business value proposition.  What is a value proposition you ask?  It is communicating to the world your brand: what sets you apart from others and why people should listen to you, use your services, or buy your product.  Once you capture, or embrace, the target stakeholder through a clearly defined value proposition, you can begin to build community through your blog.

WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?

Stakeholders want know what’s in it for them.  Not only do they want to feel like they are being listened to, but they usually want something in return for their time and attention.  Your blog is not necessarily about you, it’s about your target audience and giving them something of value. GrokDotCom has an interesting article about WIIFM and personality types.

How To “Capture” Your Stakeholder On Your Business Blog

  • Have a clearly defined and easy to find call to action
  • Include an RSS feed or email sign up link
  • Include links to other social media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Offer a special event to your readers (webinar, etc)
  • Get into deep conversation with your stakeholder (be sure to allow comments and comment back)

In summary, business blogs may not be for every business, but if done correctly, blogs can promote your brand’s awareness, build community, and capture leads.

Thanks Geoff!