Fun with Branding!

What a fun trip this has been from full-time employment to officially becoming a freelancer.  It’s exciting, but it’s really scary, too.  I have been toying around with different names for my “business”.  While “Philly Marketing” is pretty straightforward and easy to remember, it’s also too ambiguous.  Admittedly, I started using it simply because I could – nobody else was and it’s a great target.

Sure, I want my business name to reflect marketing, but it should also be more personal and catchy.  For the life of me, I couldn’t come up with a name I was 100% happy with.  I even came across this nifty Web 2.0 name generator.  It creates business names (based on domains that are not taken yet).  Pretty cool, huh?  I actually found some of the names quite amusing and interesting, but none of them really struck me as, well, “me”.   So back to the think tank I went.

Then it dawned on me.  Why pick a buzzword that I think describes me.  Why don’t I just use my name and be done with it?  That way me and my freelance business are one in the same and there is no confusion.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  I mean I’m all about ensuring consistent voice and messaging.  This is about “me” or “I”, not “our” or “we”.   So what would it be then?

“Marketing by Marilyn”
“Marilyn the Marketer”
“Marilyn’s Social Media Strategies”
“New Media by Marilyn”

Those were some ideas bouncing back and forth in my head.  Still not good enough.  I eventually settled on, simply, Marilyn Marketing & Media.  My name and the two areas I will be focusing my services on.  Easy to remember and to the point!  There ya go!

I’m currently working on a basic website and setting up promotional and networking stuff for it.  And I obviously need a logo!  The fun of branding never ends. 🙂