Blog Marketing on Facebook

I have to admit, I had had a love-hate relationship with Facebook.  As a MySpace user since 2003 (and Friendster before that!), I signed on to Facebook in 2006 with little enthusiasm quite honestly.  All I knew about it was that it was populated with a younger, more academic crowd.  Many of my friends, who were students, were there and buzzing about it.  “Why aren’t you on Facebook yet?” they would ask.  “I like it much better than MySpace.”  They pointed out there was little to no spam or annoying ads, the networking capabilities were better, and they had cool features like applications.  Many starting using the other social networking sites less and less, so I figured I’d follow the flock.  I was also curious to see how it stacked up against the others.

I was underwhelmed at first.  I think mostly because it was something new and different.  I just didn’t get it at first.  But as more and more friends started joining (thanks to the buzz that it was the “next best thing to sliced bread“), I began to get a little more interested in it.  Then came along Scrabulous!  I started spending most of my free time playing multiple Scrabble games with friends.  That is until Hasbro shut it down.

Anyways, before I knew it, my time was consumed with adding friends, adding applications, playing games…. WHOA!  It got to be too much so I started to back off on that stuff.

Blog Marketing on Facebook

Blog Marketing on Facebook

I decided to crack down and start focusing on using Facebook as an effective marketing tool again.  One of the nifty applications I found is called “Blog Networks“.  It’s a lot like Blog Catalog‘s Neighborhoods.  You can search for your favorite blogs and join its network of readers.  There’s a ratings system, so if you’re a big fan of a blog, you can give it a high rating.  Each network also has its own Wall for readers to leave comments. If you have a blog, it’s simple to create a network for it, and others can join, rate it, and comment on it.  I’m really digging this a lot.

Click on the image or click here to join my Blog Network on Facebook!

Looks like I’m back to loving Facebook again. 🙂