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Philadelphia SEO Copywriting

High-Impact Website Copywriting = Qualified Leads = Sales?

No question. Good writing for the web is your secret to online success.

Relevant, optimized, and easy to read content on your website is key to driving qualified traffic.  Don’t believe me?  Then check out Google’s Webmaster Guidelines when it comes to content on your website.

So where to start? Good website copywriting is an art.   Web content needs to make sense to the viewer, be concise, and have good flow.  If you’re writing content on your site just to jam key phrases in there, there is absolutely no way you will connect with your customers, let alone convert your viewers to a true sales lead.  It is critical to write with your reader in mind.  Naturally you want to encourage your target customer to contact you, but you also want to educate them, position yourself as an authority, and come off as sounding genuine in the process.  Be persuasive, not pushy.  It’s challenging, but can be done with focus and finesse.  An online copywriter, with experience in SEO copywriting techniques, can create website copy that will not only generate the proper organic traffic to your site, but encourage interaction with your readers.

I understand you may not have the time or knowledge to develop this type of high-impact copy for your website.  So I am offering low-cost, effective website copywriting services.

High-Impact SEO Copywriting Services

  • Full Web Site Copy – Creation and optimization of information-rich, persausive content for your Philadelphia business website. Using targeted key phrases, pertinent source material supplied by you, and thorough research, I can create and optimize copy that will generate organic search engine traffic to your site. This includes an optimized site map page.
  • Meta Tags – Meta tags are still important to your overall SEO plan. Using targeted key phrases, I can write highly optimized and effective Meta titles and descriptions for your website.
  • Calls to Action – Good website copywriting is just the first step. Getting people to contact you is the next step! Clear, compelling calls to action will encourage and move your viewers to contact you.

*Researching key phrases and any consulting is subject to additional fees*

Get an online copywriter who will help save you time and money! Email me at phillymarketing (at) gmail (dot) com.


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