Philly Marketing Tip: Call To Action

Whether you’re creating an ad for a newspaper, designing a website, or embarking on a Social Media campaign, having an obvious and compelling call to action is critical.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me I see failed opportunities encouraging action every day on the Internet.

What is a call to action? It’s the request you make for your target to act in some way. It could be encouragement to call a phone number for more information, request to fill out a contact form, an invitation to download a white paper or report, or simply a directive to BUY OR DONATE NOW!

Why are calls to action so important? Calls to action are your opportunity to ask your customer to DO SOMETHING. Additionally, it is an opportunity to capture their information and put them at the top of your sales funnel.

What are some good call to action techniques?

  • Sweeten the deal. Offer some kind of incentive to act. This could be a discount or a free gift.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Use language such as “For a limited time only!” or “Act now before this offer disappears!”
  • Location! Location! Location! Make sure that the call to action is obvious and in a position where viewers will see it.
  • Use contrast. The call to action should pop off the ad or page. The eye should be drawn to it within a few seconds.
  • Repeat. Make sure you include a call to action on every webpage, blog post, or social media ad.

Calls to action are vital to your search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts. If you do not encourage your viewers to act, you will never know if your efforts are truly effective and measurable.

In short, use calls to action wherever and whenever possible. Be clear, concise, and consistent!

Oh, and to practice what I preach. For a limited time, I will review and assess your calls to action at no charge! Contact me by Wednesday, January 13th at 12:00PM for your FREE call to action evaluation.


A New Partnership for Smart Internet Marketing Success

Philadelphia Internet Marketing Company

Philadelphia Internet Marketing Company

Marilyn Marketing has partnered with Philadelphia Internet Marketing Company Team and a Dream. Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, Team and a Dream provides high-level Internet marketing consulting to startups, small- and medium-sized businesses. We consult and develop solutions in the following areas: brand positioning, inbound marketing, natural search engine marketing, pay per click marketing (Google Adwords), email marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation marketing.

I’m proud to be partnered with such a smart and fast-growing company. Contact us at Team and a Dream to learn how we can push your Internet marketing efforts to the next level!

P.S.: You can still email me at phillymarketing (at) gmail (dot) com. 🙂

Philly Twitter-LinkedIn Workshop

Last Tuesday, I participated in a workshop at Temple University’s Center City campus that focused specifically on Twitter and LinkedIn. I presented the Twitter portion, while Ed Callahan spoke of LinkedIn.  We had about 35 people attend the workshop. I found that to be a very comfortable number of attendees.  With a show of hands, we asked the audience who was currently participating on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Far more people were on LinkedIn than Twitter. Most of the people who said they were on Twitter were relative newbies.

My presentation was geared for the small business owner who is just getting started. I focused on the basics of setting up a good profile, Twitter search, etiquette, and viable reasons for using Twitter for business. There were many questions from “Should I put my email address in my profile?” to “How do I get more followers?” It’s clearly evident that small and medium-sized business owners and executives know they need to leverage Twitter as a business tool, and there is still a lot of confusion on how to use it effectively.

I’ll tell you what I tell everyone before they embark on a marketing strategy: know your goals. Develop obtainable objectives around those goals. Then brainstorm and experiment on the tactics and actionable items that may accomplish those goals.

Let’s face it, the major goal of any business or company is to increase revenue, right? But increasing revenue can only take place if you have qualified sales leads. So, an example of a sales-driven objective and some action items could be:

Increase prospective client & qualifed lead pipeline




  • Create search-friendly profile and tweets
  • Download/use desktop or mobile phone-friendly Twitter client
  • Use Twitter search for specified and relevant keywords
  • Manually follow and monitor appropriate Twitter users
  • Follow thought leaders in your industry or area of expertise
  • Review daily Twitter stream
  • Tweet daily
    • Share relevant links and information about your industry or area of expertise
    • Join relevant conversations
    • Engage Twitter followers: ask questions! give answers!
    • Respond to replies or direct messages
  • Promote your product or service moderately
  • Monitor and analyze traffic to website

Your social media mileage is going to vary. What works for someone else, may not work for you. Test often, but always keep your objectives in mind. Revise & refine as you need to. Twitter, or any social media for that matter, is not a sales & marketing cure all, nor should it replace other, successful methods you’re currently using. They are one of many tools you may use in your business-building efforts.

Click Here for more information about the Twitter-LinkedIn Workshop. Contact if you wish to discuss setting up a social media consult or social media coaching session with me.

Tonight: Getting Back to Basics: Social Media and Public Relations Planning


Getting Back to Basics: Measurable Objectives in Social Media and Public Relations w/ Ken Jacobs

Science Leadership Academy
55 N. 22nd St


Register at:

Why social media and PR this month? Because in today’s world, nearly every “public” with whom you’re trying to build a relationship is online!

In the current economic environment all of us—whether business owners, freelancers, or those who execute communications for non-profits, government agencies, or corporations—need to be on defense when it comes to our work.

The best protection against the budget cutter’s sword is a rock-solid plan—one with measurable objectives, strategies that overcome roadblocks and tactics that ultimately help achieve marketing goals.

So let’s get back to the basics of planning and discuss some best practices!

Ken Jacobs of Jacobs Communications Consulting, a PR consulting, training and coaching company, will present and facilitate a discussion on the basics of plan writing. You’ll learn, among other topics, how to:

  • Create objectives that are objectives; neither strategies nor tactics
  • Make sure your objectives are measurable
  • Understand the Three Kinds of Objectives: Output, Outtake, and Outcome

The Philly Social Media Club has partnered with the local PRSA (Public Relation Society of America) chapter and its new social media committee. Please welcome them to the Social Media Club!

See you tonight!

Philadelphia Twestival


Philadelphia Twestival - Thursday, February 12th

On February 12th, 100+ cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water.

Philadelphia Twestival
The Get Happy Pub
509-511 S 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

There will be a Rock Band Tournament, 50/50 raffle, prizes, and drink specials all night!

Tickets are on sale now: Amiando, Twestival ticketing partner.

Please blog, tweet, or spread the word any way you can!

Philly Social Media Club

Social Media Club PhiladelphiaAccording to the Philly Social Media Club wiki, the December meet up is SOLD OUT!  Space was limited, so it sold out quickly.  The topic is a hot one, too:  journalism and blogging.  Notables from will be on hand to discuss social media and its impact on the future of journalism.

But never fear social media lovers, after the discussion with, the group will be converging at the Irish Bar & Restaurant Tír na nÓg (located at 1600 Arch Street) for socializing.  Come on out!

It’s that time again: Bloblive!

Bloblive Philadelphia Idea Event

bloblive is back!

Monday, November 24th
at McGillin’s Olde Ale House
1310 Drury Street, Philadelphia
(between Chestnut & Sansom Streets / 13th & Juniper Streets)
Doors open at 6:00 PM
Idea sharing and collaboration begins at 7:00 PM
Space is limited – Only 75 seats available!

Myself and Gloria Bell will be “Guest Advisors”. In other words, we will be available for brief 1-on-1 advice giving sessions with those who present ideas!  Naturally I will be giving marketing and/or public relations advice. Gloria will be giving advice on how to take that seed (idea) and grow it!

See you there!