About Marilyn

More than a Philadelphia Internet Marketing Consultant

Philadelphia Internet Marketing Nerd Marilyn At Your Service

Hi, I’m Marilyn – a bonafide Internet nerd! I’ve been using the Internet to connect with other people – personally and professionally – since 1992! I truly believe that good marketing comes from making genuine connections with people and building relationships. Adopting the latest tools and technologies, I’m always trying to find the best ways to connect with people.

I’d love to put my passion, education, experience, and skills to work for your small business.

A Little About My Professional Experience

I have worked for a variety of Interactive and Web Development firms over the years.

Due to this experience, I am well-versed on the best practices of Website Usability, User Experience, Branding, Messaging, Positioning, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Website Copywriting, and Human Experience Optimization.

I have a true passion for all things Social Media. I love using the latest Social Media for branding, marketing, PR, and forming and cultivating relationships with people who share common interests.

It’s important for businesses to leverage these technologies to promote brand awareness, build buzz, generate sales leads, and engage with consumers.  I am happy to speak with any person or business who wishes to learn how to harness these tools and technologies.


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  3. demetrios says:


    i would love to speak with you sometime in the near future. Would you be available for a meet up? please email me so we can discuss.



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