Optimize Everything You Do (Online) For Humans

Deep, huh? Feels even a bit sci-fi.

Human Website Experience OptimizationBut seriously. I have been working in website development, website optimization, and SEO long enough to feel that sometimes my work is meant, solely, to please robots!  Don’t get me wrong, I freakin’ LOVE robots! (Kraftwerk taught me that, silly. :))

And when it comes to search engine robots, I want to do everything I can to please them. I mean, who doesn’t want to be at the top of a Google search, right?

But… YES,  there is always a BUT!  😛   The search engine robots aren’t the ones putting money in my (or my clients) bank accounts. It’s the humans who are seeking our services that do.

I wrote about Human Experience Optimization on Dinkum’s Internet Marketing Blog today.

I think this is immensely important and (always) timely. As more and more web and social tools & technologies emerge; as more and more opportunities to market appear – we need to remember why we (as Marketers) are using them in the first place. It’s about getting the business message heard, far and wide, and to show that, not only can we meet the needs of our consumers — current or potential — but that we’re also responsive to them.

When you get down to the brass tacks, website optimization, at its very core, is about humans being responsive to other humans. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. You don’t need a deep, intensive strategy for that. What you need is a deep understanding of how your customers think and what they respond to — and ultimately giving it to them online and off-line (if and when the off-line transaction is possible of course).

In summary, when you’re SEO’ing, PPC’ing, Email marketing, or participating on Social Media channels… always remember that the human (living & breathing readers) comes first. Make sure that you’re optimizing your web presence for optimum human response.  Not only does your web presence need to be user-friendly (from a clickable perspective — especially on websites), but the message needs to be clear, concise, and should always compel people to act based on their needs not yours.


For more information, contact me on my personal website OR you can contact Philadelphia Internet Marketing Firm (Dinkum Interactive).


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