Philly Marketing Tip: Call To Action

Whether you’re creating an ad for a newspaper, designing a website, or embarking on a Social Media campaign, having an obvious and compelling call to action is critical.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me I see failed opportunities encouraging action every day on the Internet.

What is a call to action? It’s the request you make for your target to act in some way. It could be encouragement to call a phone number for more information, request to fill out a contact form, an invitation to download a white paper or report, or simply a directive to BUY OR DONATE NOW!

Why are calls to action so important? Calls to action are your opportunity to ask your customer to DO SOMETHING. Additionally, it is an opportunity to capture their information and put them at the top of your sales funnel.

What are some good call to action techniques?

  • Sweeten the deal. Offer some kind of incentive to act. This could be a discount or a free gift.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Use language such as “For a limited time only!” or “Act now before this offer disappears!”
  • Location! Location! Location! Make sure that the call to action is obvious and in a position where viewers will see it.
  • Use contrast. The call to action should pop off the ad or page. The eye should be drawn to it within a few seconds.
  • Repeat. Make sure you include a call to action on every webpage, blog post, or social media ad.

Calls to action are vital to your search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts. If you do not encourage your viewers to act, you will never know if your efforts are truly effective and measurable.

In short, use calls to action wherever and whenever possible. Be clear, concise, and consistent!

Oh, and to practice what I preach. For a limited time, I will review and assess your calls to action at no charge! Contact me by Wednesday, January 13th at 12:00PM for your FREE call to action evaluation.


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