Will SEO for Food?

Philadelphia SEO ConsultantWhy yes, yes I would!

Let’s face it, SEO has become a fiercely competitive space. It seems there’s a new SEO consultant or SEO firm springing up every day. Each one claiming to be experts and better than everybody else. In fact, here in Philadelphia, there’s probably several dozen SEO companies. I don’t know, I haven’t exactly counted. 😛

I will Google “Philadelphia SEO” from time to time to see who the top names are. It usually doesn’t change too much. SEER Interactive shows up in every Philadelphia related SEO search I can think of. As they should. They know what they hell they’re doing.

I show up on page 3 for “Philly SEO”. Not bad I guess, considering it’s not a keyword I’m actively seeking to rank for. I am, however, on page 1 for “Philadelphia Internet Marketing” which is a keyword I always set out to rank for. Because it more accurately describes what I do. I am not just an SEO in Philadelphia. I eat, breathe, and sleep all things Internet Marketing. SEO is just a small, albeit a very important, part of successful Internet Marketing.

Everybody measures success differently – and that’s a topic for another blog post.

But the true measure of my success as an Internet marketer or SEO, is my client’s success. If they’re not successful, I’m not successful. And I take that very seriously. Even if it has to mean I’ll SEO for food.

Need SEO in Philadelphia? Got Food? Contact me today.


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