I <3 Philly’s Creative Community

There’s always something great and exciting happening.  Whether it’s casual meetings of creative people socializing, monthly lectures by groups such as PANMA or Philly Standards, or bigger all-day events like PodCamp and BarCamp Philly.  Then there are resources like the Philly New Media Hub that track all of this exciting creative activity.  There’s literally so much going on, it could make your head spin.

Just this past Saturday, BarCamp Philly took place at the University of the Arts. I was unable to attend due to not feeling well.  This pained me as I knew it was going to be a day filled with learning and networking.  From the sounds of it, it was a resounding success. I still don’t feel well, but according to attendee David Konopka, BarCamp Philly was mind-blowing. After reading that, I am quite sad I was not able to attend.

However there are talks on the BarCamp Philly Google Group about holding monthly BarCamp-related meetups.  At first I was worried because there are a lot of other similar groups that hold meetings, and there is certainly overlap – but then it dawned on me – why should these meetings of creative folks be tied to just organized groups?  Why not hold impromptu meetings according to subject matter and whoever is interested in attending just show up?

The pro is that there is no toe-stepping, everybody is welcome no matter where you come from.  The con of it is it could get too disorganized resulting in chaos.  But, like David says, “Do First, Worry Later”.  I like that mentality and that’s what is so great about this town.  People not only TALK about things, they ACT!  In big numbers, too.

I’m proud to be a part of this vibrant, smart, and enthusiastic community of doers.


2 thoughts on “I <3 Philly’s Creative Community

  1. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it out. It was an inspiring day. But luckily lots of the energy spilled out onto the web and will continue to spill into all these other community groups. There’s plenty of ways to tap into that energy.

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