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I was recently bestowed the honor of “Underdog Blog Winner” over at Twittin’ Secrets, a site that will reveal 100+ Twitter Tips, Secrets, and How-To’s.  As a winner, it is my duty to post Twitter Tip #78.  So without further adieu…

TWITTER HOW-TO TIP #78 How To Turn Up The Volume on Twitter

NOTE: This Twitter How-to Tip is an authorized part of the “Twittin’ Secrets” Series: 100 World’s Greatest Twitter Tips and Twitter Secrets by Internet and Twitter Strategist, Dan Hollings.


There is no question that people love to see poll results.  So much so, that you can often pepper in poll results related to the interests your followers might have and gain a spike in Twitter readers instantly. This strategy is highly effective and made really quick and simple with TweetVolume.  Little explanation is needed, but you will find that the more interesting, controversial, or relevant your poll results are, the more likely your followers will engage and reTweet your post.

These three TweetVolume post in a row (during the 2008 presidential campaign), achieved dramatic results…

Obama or McCain… who is creating the most buzz on Twitter?

Biden or Palin… who is creating the most buzz on Twitter?

God or the Devil… who is creating the most buzz on Twitter?

Obviously, you need to test various words in the TweetVolume system to determine which results provide the proper “buzz-factor” appropriate for your audience.

100 Free Twitter Tips are at

I hope this was helpful to you.


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